WE’RE BACK, HEARTIES!!! Wow, technology, right? Oh my goodness, what a bug my site caught! But it’s feeling much better now, and much less cranky, so it’s letting me post again. 😉 And boy, do I have to tell you, WHAT A WAY TO COME BACK!

For starters, my new logo is officially in place! What do you think? It won the vote by a LANDSLIDE! So, it is now the new face of Hooked Heartie, or co-face, I should say. 🙂

Now secondly, as most of you know, two of my podcasting partners (from the Hallmarkies Podcast) and I have begun a separate feed called The Hearties Hotline, a podcast that is strictly about When Calls the Heart, and it’s just for you. It’s “your connection to Hope Valley”.

We launched the podcast just last week with our introductory episode, which included birthday messages to Erin. And today, we have for you an absolutely inspiring and heartfelt conversation of which we were privileged and honored to be a part. We spoke with the man himself, Mr. Brian “Papa Heartie” Bird, himself. And it was so nice, we did it twice. This is Part 1, and Part 2 will be coming your way soon. I won’t even try to sum it up for you, I don’t want to take a bit of the experience away from you. But know that it was inspiring, and empowering, and full of joy and hope. So enjoy! And man, is it good to be back! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off. May your heart let YOUR hope blossom!

And here we are! Happy Friday! I don’t know what your different situations are, but down here in Texas, this is our last Friday, and therefore our last weekend, before school starts. Our district is doing all virtual the first three weeks; then we had the choice to keep it virtual, or go back. Well, for at least the first semester, we’ve decided to keep our girls at home to do virtual school. I’m probably a lunatic for making this decision, but at least my anxiety will be dampened down knowing they won’t pick up or bring anything home. And since we are currently living with my mother, I REALLY don’t want those germs invading our home. But, our living situation may be changing very soon. And that’s all I’m saying until something official happens. Stay tuned! 😉

Now, let’s talk about today’s #FriendshipFriday. Last week, we talked about Lee and Jack, so now we’re switching one character out. This relationship is more of a mentorship than your typical friendship, but I do love watching it develop. Lee could have gotten this guy into almost as much trouble as Jack got from his mom and Elizabeth…okay maybe not THAT much, but the male version in a workplace. Okay, bad analogy, but you get what I’m driving at. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m referring to Lee and Jesse.

Like many professional friendships, there’s a rocky start. Jesse, the guy trying to be a “former conman”, wants the drive down Easy Street instead of honestly working his way up, and he smooth talks poor Murphy into giving him an office job while Lee is away. Who doesn’t want to make a quick buck? Nobody wants to start at the bottom. But I gotta tell you, this underhanded scheming, and dragging Murphy into it, this put Jesse on my personal Naughty List. Luckily, Lee caught him red-handed, or should I say red-footed, with his feet up on the desk eating baked goods, and gives him a fate worse than firing: putting him on a logging crew. Even though it seems like the worst possible place to Jesse, it was such a smart move on Lee’s part. He started at the bottom, and he knew that would be the best possible place for Jesse to learn not only the business, but a few life lessons as well.

Nowhere to go but up, right? He did go up slightly, thanks to Rosemary’s flapping trap. Poor Lee didn’t stand a chance with no voice. But by then, Jesse had gotten his act together, so I actually agreed with the course of action. Rosemary just should have let Lee actually be the boss of the place. And he continued to climb. I was especially impressed when Jesse took what some would consider the coward’s way out. But it was the bravest course he could possibly take: asking Elizabeth for mathematics help. Knowledge is power, that’s for sure. That helped him climb higher, and it earned him a lot of respect from Lee.

There were little builders that popped up every so often, like Christmas when Lee got the Nutcracker tickets, and helped Jesse put together his jigsaw puzzle self for the event. Then we hit the two doozies. I must admit, the oil company threw me for a loop. Even though I can understand why he did it, I never would have imagined Michael Hickam to be the one to leave the sawmill. I thought for sure it would be Jesse. But I was wrong. Jesse stood by Lee, even when he had every reason to quit. Lee even expected it, but he stood firm. You can tell Lee means so much to Jesse. But I don’t think you get the full scope or depth of his feelings until Lee got hurt. That’s when it always catches up, isn’t it?

The look of horror, shock, and despair on Jesse’s face is enough to make you crumble. Then he looks at Rosemary, and the feelings triple. So it’s understandable, but very sad that Jesse thinks he can’t go close to Lee, even after he’s up and about again. And then, the crowning moment: the confession. “You’re like a brother to me Lee.”

The other thing we have to talk about is Lee’s reaction. I know he’s a good man, and Kavan plays him wonderfully; but I’m continually taken aback by what a kind, giving, humble person Lee is. It would have been perfectly acceptable for Lee to say, “It’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself. There’s nothing to worry about now, I’m fine.” What does he do instead? He takes the blame on himself, saying Jesse was up on the mountain because of HIM. Then Lee returns the sentiment, cementing the bond between them. There was no better person living to stand next to Jesse on his wedding day; he’d watched him become a man!

And with that, I hope you have a nice weekend. Please continue to take care of yourselves, and each other. We all need that right now. And thank you for all of you who gave your vote on which logo I should use; I’ll have the choice next week. See you then! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Hola, Corazones! I haven’t used that greeting in so long, I thought it was high time! 😀 That’s “Hello, Hearties!” in Spanish…or the closest I could get to it anyway. 😉

So today we’re rabbit-holing into the deep, dark black hole of Hope Valley; hopefully you don’t get too lost because we’re talking about two of the original kids who either aged out, or got lost in the shuffle: Rachel and Gabe.

These two are adorable! They’re two of the school children I wouldn’t have minded watching grow up, (even beyond aging out of school,) fall beyond puppy love, court, become a couple, then eventually marry, and settle right there in Hope Valley, or just on the outskirts. Do you remember their essays in the saloon school in Season 1? “Coal Valley is my home because…” Rachel told the heartwarming story of her father giving her the tiny piece of coal, and Gabe made sure the whole class knew his first kiss was from a girl in the classroom. Did you guess the two of them were crushing on each other? Because I totally did! I remember sitting on the couch, being hugely pregnant with my son, putting my hand on my heart, and saying out loud, “I bet it was that Rachel girl!” The looks between the two of them were unmistakable.

Then how appropriate was it that Jack asked both of them to be a part of his “efforts” for his and Elizabeth’s first dinner together, (the first suitable one, that is,) and they were in the group executing the most romantic moment Jack and Elizabeth had had up to that point. It’s the perfect time! Then Gabe completely told Jack what’s what when he declared, “I already know who [my wife] is. I knew it from the moment I laid eyes on her,” and “Sometimes you see a girl, and your whole future is as clear as a bell.”


Pictures & Photos of Darius Zaviceanu | Heart for kids, Daniel ... Photo credit: pinterest.com

They were such a large part of Season 1, I was desperate to see more of them, and to see their story blossom. Once again, I spoke out loud when watching an episode; yes, I do that frequently. So, when I watched the Season 2 premiere, (very soon after I finished Season 1 because I was binging,) I said to the four walls, “Wow! I’m impressed! They kept a LOT of the same kids from season to season. I wasn’t expecting that.” Rachel got taller, and so beautiful, and Gabe’s voice was getting deeper. Sadly, that was the last we saw Gabe, and Rachel’s final episode wasn’t far behind. I was sad to see them go.

There’s been some talk among Hearties that Gabe should come back to Hope Valley, as a Mountie no less, and maybe Rachel would show up with him as the wife. Gabe could be one of the Mounties that got “issued” a wife. Or, he could come back, and Rachel could suddenly appear as if she’d been there all along, and their love story could spark back up. I wouldn’t mind in the least seeing that happen. But after so much time has passed, I don’t see them revisiting them. But if they were going to bring them back, what a treat! I don’t know a single Heartie that wouldn’t be squealing. 😊 I hope you’ve had as much fun walking down memory lane as I did revisiting the episodes to write this. And we’ll be taking many more strolls down that lane before too long. Wink, wink! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off. May your heart let your hope blossom.

Happy Friday, Hearties! Welcome to yet another, and very special installment of #FriendshipFriday. This is a different one than all the others you’ve seen so far. Fair warning, this one is very near and dear to all of our hearts, so there might be a few emotions. Be prepared, it’s a REAL flashback. It’s the deep and abiding friendship between Jack Thornton and Leland Coulter.

First of all, this relationship could have gone way south super fast! Lee could have been completely threatened by the fact that a very handsome Mountie living in the same town was once engaged to the woman to whom he is very attracted. Did everyone follow that? 😉 But seriously, instead of creating a very awkward situation, Lee attached himself to Jack, and the two of them had a friendship that lasted until the very end. It started when Lee volunteered lumber and manpower to help build the church/school, and the rest is history.

But let’s talk about that history. Just like I said before, instead of feeling threatened by Jack, Lee decides to take the nice guy route, and be trusting. Lee asks Jack for tips on dealing with Rosemary, as opposed to making it a competition. They even joke about it, like at New Year’s when Lee stated TO JACK that his resolution was “to say ‘no’ to that woman.” And then there’s when Lee is about to get married, and they toast to him: “The man of the hour!” Jack very comfortably quips, “Anyone marrying Rosemary deserves more than an hour.” Total acceptance, and complete comfort on both parts.

Then there’s the history they’ve created between each other. One of my favorite parts of the beginning stages was when Jack was trying to downplay his relationship with Elizabeth. Rosemary isn’t the only person in Hope Valley Lee is learning to manage; he’s got his eye on Jack. What’s his perfect, “Lee answer”? “You may be selling, young man, but I’m not buying!” Lee’s no fool!

There are so many facets to this “bromance”. Lee is very quick to sincerely tell Jack how grateful he is for his friendship when he tells Jack what an amazing friend and best man he is. Then, when it’s Lee’s turn to be the best man, he helps calm Jack’s nerves, (after riling them up,) and runs all over Hope Valley to make sure his friend’s wedding goes as smoothly as possible; especially after the church burning down. He was even willing to substitute his and his wife’s rings in the ceremony. They also make a great team working side by side, whether it’s finishing homes for needy people, or building floats to usher the Christmas spirit into town. Lee practically gives Jack the lumber for his OWN home too. And hey! Jack saved Lee’s leg until Faith could get there to properly treat it, right? These two always seem to be there for each other.


When Calls The Heart: Prayers from the Heart Recap








But here’s the best scene that illustrates the closeness these two share, in my opinion. I even remember saying out loud, “I love this, that these two can talk to each other; I love watching their friendship.” It’s when the two of them are sharing a cup of coffee, and Jack is trying to talk out his thoughts about joining the effort in the Northern Territories. Lee is completely attentive, doing nothing else but focusing on Jack. He knows that this must be eating Jack alive inside, and he needs to share it with someone. I love that Lee asks him questions; it proves that he’s listening, taking it in, evaluating what was said, and weighing his own words carefully. And when the time comes for him to speak those words, Lee doesn’t tell Jack what to do, what to say, or what to think. He says, “We all have a code, Jack.” He knows Jack already knows what he needs to do; he just needs a friend he can trust to tell him to trust his gut. And that is true friendship!

Well, Hearties, I hope you’re able to find friendships during this time of physical distancing, because they’re some of the interactions that are keeping me sane at the moment. Take care of yourselves, and to quote Signed, Sealed, Delivered: “Take care of your hearts.” This is Hooked Heartie, signing off. May your heart let your hope blossom!

Hello there, Hearties! Long time, no see! And that is completely my fault. My schedule just EXPLODED last week, so a few things fell through the cracks; I’m sorry. At least I was still visible with the Signed Sealed Delivered podcast, “Deliver Me a Podcast”, but it feels like forever since I’ve been able to write anything When Calls the Heart related.

So, since it’s #WonderWednesday, let’s talk about something we’re all wondering about. This morning, our wonderful Papa Heartie, Mr. Brian Bird, posted this very pot-stirring picture with this caption, “Uh… Hearties…my heart is in my throat…and I can’t get it to go back where it belongs. Wow.”


That doesn’t stir our WCTH appetite at all, does it? Only times 1,000! My friend, podcasting partner, and fellow Heartie Kaycee Simpson started having some fun with it. So, I thought I’d share it with you, plus a few switch-ups and embellishments. But the core idea was all her!


No description available.

The title of this script is “Honestly, Elizabeth”. How many contexts can that one phrase have? Only about a million! But Kaycee and I have been exploring how this particular phrase can accompany different meanings with different characters. Let’s ponder this, shall we?

How would Rosemary use “Honestly, Elizabeth”? How about something like this: “Honestly, Elizabeth, this dance has gone on long enough! Just make a choice.”

This one with Lee can actually turn into a short conversation.
Lee: Honestly, Elizabeth, when ARE you going to build that house Jack planned on your land?
Elizabeth: When are YOU going to build Rosemary the biggest house in Hope Valley? Or her theater?
Lee: Touché.

Bill: Honestly, Elizabeth, I need more quality time with the little man, here. So why don’t you go out on a date with Nathan so I can?

Nathan: Honestly, Elizabeth, stop walking away, and let me kiss you!

Allie: Honestly, Elizabeth, I mean, Mrs. Thornton, can’t you see Uncle Nathan is the best choice?

Lucas: Honestly, Elizabeth, I’ve taken you on two non-dates, and gave you the library. Can’t you understand I’ll do whatever it takes to win your heart.

Fiona: Honestly, Elizabeth, what job do you think I should take next? I want your opinion.

Ned Yost: Honestly, Elizabeth, you’re not pregnant anymore. These grocery choices need help.

Florence: Honestly, Elizabeth, I can’t believe you’re even considering that Mr. Bouchard. His choices are…quite provocative.

Molly: Honestly, Elizabeth, this whole situation is bordering on scandalous.

Henry: Honestly, Elizabeth, is Abigail still back East?

Little Jack: Honestwy, Ewizabef, Mama, I want cookie!

Mike: Honestly, Elizabeth, can you really not see that I’ve been crazy about you all this time?

Carson: Honestly, Elizabeth, there’s no diagnosis for this situation. You’re on your own.

Faith: Honestly, Elizabeth, I’ll be home in 3 weeks; we’ll talk then.

Clara: Honestly, Elizabeth, the cooking is perfectly under control for the café. So, tell Bill no goulash! Have some pie.

Jesse: Honestly, Elizabeth, if it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere in Lee’s office. Thank you!

Opal: Honestly, Mrs. Thornton, Mountie Jack would want you to be happy.

Jack: Honestly, Elizabeth, I love you with all my heart, but you have so much to give. Please, find love again.

Well, now we just need to wait a few months, (okay several!) before we see how accurate any of these are. What are YOUR thoughts on what people would say? Comments on the blog are still glitchy, so please comment your thoughts on the post itself.

And one more thing: keep your eyes open. There’s a very special WCTH podcast coming your way in September. But that’s all you’re getting out of me for the time. Just keep Wednesdays open. And with that, I bid you good night! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off. May your heart let your hope blossom!