Hello Hearties, and hello Monday! Those of you who were privileged to attend the Hearties Family Reunion, how was it??? Silly question, I know; no doubt you had the time of your lives! For anyone who doesn’t know, the Hearties Family Reunion, or HFR, is basically the Comicon of When Calls the Heart. The cast even comes up for an event on Saturday, and a tour of the set is thrown into the trip! I have yet to attend; it’s a dream of mine to travel there one day. This is the fifth one, and hopefully there will be many more! Those of you traveling home today, I hope this gives you something fun to watch or listen to as you make your way.

So here is the Hallmarkies Podcast for When Hope Calls Episode 7, entitled “Surprise!” And boy, were there a bunch of surprises surrounding this episode! As most of you know, Daniel Lissing’s birthday was on Friday, the 4th. But check this out! Not only was it Dan’s special day, but it was RJ Hatanaka’s as well! Two Mounties with the same birthday! And, icing on the cake, (pun intended!), this episode surrounds a birthday party. What are the odds? Have a listen, or a watch. One link is just below, and the other is in the comments. And below this link, you’ll find the clues for my first mystery guest of the month, who will be revealed on Wednesday.




1. This person loves to go out for sushi with cast.
2. This person has been involved with June Weddings, Fall Harvest, and Miracles of Christmas
3. This person is a Hallmark director

Cheerio for now! I’ll see you all back here on Wednesday for the answer, and ensuing post. 😉 This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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